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We specialise in bringing new life back to your treasured timber furniture

Timber Surfaces Restored

Outdoor Furniture

As you can see in the photo on the right, the surface of this timber needed maintenance. 

Sun damage is present and it is definitely time to maintain it as it will continue to deterioate. 

The timber will continue to break down in the sun unless work to rescue it is done.  We will strip it back to bare timber and with a number of coats of high grade oil it will be back to better than new again!


The restoration of all timber surfaces for commercial businesses. We restore, repolish and re-stain for a wide number of environments and materials.

We currently provide our services to restaurants, shopping centres and even takeaways. A 2Pak clear or colour finish is used to further prolong the products life, making the surface more damage resistant and easier to work with.

This process also enhances the timber, leaving a rich natural look.

After the restore

Display cabinet

Antique and Modern Furniture

Older and newer surfaces can be brought back to life by a number of different methods depending on the piece of furniture.

So after discussing the problem with you we can work out a plan of attack and have the piece back in your home with the exact feel and design you’re after.

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